friday fortune

next time won't you sing with me

late... or early?

Christmas in May is a thing, right?...

my mini


put a ring on it

If I lose my wedding ring, this would be a good backup (*ahem* Mike...)

lil robot


meow again


like the wind

orange crush

this guy.

to the fullest

M took a super bloody awesome photo of the super blood moon last year. Just with his regular ol' camera! Man's got skillz.

i spy something pink

anything gonna bring me down today?

twirly girl

far off

in honor of star wars day

Also in honor of cute family day (which happens to be every day)...

true beauty



Violet's awesome drawing is featured on the right. She traced it on the left first, and then did such a great job on her own!

curl girl

hide & peek

up and away

at chez violette

Um, can she cook all the meals, please? You can do that with kids, right?- Just get them to do all the tasks you don't want to do?...

come in, we're


my loves

My favorite people, my favorite season

back to it

me rn

berry "fun"

That time a well-meaning photo made it look like we sentenced our children to a lifetime of hard labor picking raspberries...

But, you know, whatever works.


Sometimes a two hour drive on a regular ol' Michigan highway ain't so bad.

with sprinkles on top

why don't you cry about it

Joshua Miels


Yener Torum

so it begins...

We started the garden this weekend! Brown and green for now... Other colors soon on their way...


Our sweet ballerina has been doing so well in her classes!

lil pumpkins

Cute as can be!


lui ferreyra

Use of color = wowza

little rider

fun size

It's amazing what havoc one tiny little piece of chocolate can wreak.


I just couldn't decide... 4 pics it is!

rainbows and sunshine

these two

the thinker

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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