lovely girl

head to toe.

video veekend

As long as this is her poker face, Violet needs to keep a tight grip on those chips.

Interesting ingredients are her specialty.

Never a dull moment with these bff's around.

arts & crafts

V wanted to paint, so I joined in too.

video vednesday

Ummm cutest monster ever??

Watch out, casinos, you got a new dealer in the making.

In which Bianca learns the fun of acoustics.

I tell ya, you throw on a couple of swimsuit cover ups on, and it turns into super hero time. Also, yes, Violet sometimes likes to be called Kayla. Because apparently Violet Melody ISN'T PRETTY ENOUGH. Crazy, I tell ya.

face off

Okay, here's a few more from the zoo because they are hilarious. This mask idea is amazing!

Even we couldn't resist...

animal house

We went to Toledo Zoo this summer, and had tons o' fun checking out all the animals and new super cool aquarium! Here is Violet getting up close with a very tame lion. He was also very compliant. And stoic.

The cubs had a very playful stillness about them as well.

Hello, elephant next to me!

Time for the aquarium! In addition to having huge tanks full of animals to see, you could pet starfish and manta rays and other cool stuff too.

Aaaahhhh I'm insiiiiiiide


It was fun seeing everything swim by!

You could press a button that would change the color of the light, and they'd glow that hue.

Pretty jellyfish!

Sweet sisters waiting in line for the train.

All cuties aboard! (and others as well, regardless of cuteness levels)

choo choooo

The cheetahs finally woke up and joined us for a few rounds in the carousel.

And I think we all could relate with Bianca at this point... Side note: Oh my goodness, I just adore that sweet little face.

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