blue and green and yellow and violet

yeah basically

Some days... so many feelings... all at once...


What do YOU do when one of your work shirts gets a rip in it? Oh, you mean you don't cut it up and turn it into a superhero cape and mask for a four year old?

Yep, just another crazy day at our house...


A warm evening date with my sweet girl.

work it out

We visited Dad at work and it was revealed that apparently everyone got the turquoise memo but me.

one week in july

Some weeks in summer just get busy (in a a good way).

I took the girls swimming...

Daddy & V played games outside...

We lit off our annual fireworks in the yard...

The girls and I walked to a nearby park...

And Bianca finally met her future husband! (On the condition that she won't have to move to Oklahoma like his mom & dad did, leaving us missing them terribly in Michigan!)

Bff's & baby bff's!

braided beauty

What fun is it having daughters if you don't dress them up or do their hair like they're your little dolls?? Gotta do it while I can... :)


Eight whole years of marriage with my love! And I can only assume there will be at leeeast 88 more, right? I love you 4eva, Mike xoxox

kiddo randomz

How can you resist these sweet faces? Especially when they are hard at work in the kitchen!

And after some hard work, there's nothing like kicking back and relaxing in some tupperware.

Serious duck feeding.

Very serious duck feeding.

The holding hand thing just slays me with sweetness every time.

An improptu ballet recital accompanied by the acoustic stylings of Uncle Chris.


my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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