Here's a peek at a couple of Violet's summer activities. She's at the age now where some of her classes are independent... Aka, no parents allowed to constantly hover with cameras in tow. But usually there's one class in the term that the parents are invited to, for purposes of hovering and rapidly taking pictures. Also, this is just a thing for now, right? I'm allowed to sit in on all her kindergarten through 12th grade classes and take photos... right?...

The thing about being able to sit in and watch her class is that Bianca also must sit in and watch her class. After a few minutes, I was struggling to even just hold onto one of her legs and slide her back toward me again and again... Shaky video moments and all, Violet is adorable as usual of course!

Now onto swim class!

The audio is pretty bizarre, so just focus on V's swimmin.


the great outdoors

Just hanging around outside with my crew...

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