march is a busy month

Well, let's just keep this birthday train chuggin' along. B and I share a bday month, so it was like a month-long partay.

teehee Bianca's face

I love when Violet composes her own birthday message.

Pretty pressed flower necklace for me!

We managed to ditch the kids for a couple days (thanks, parents!), so we headed out for a flurry of bday activities, like driving out to Redford to go to the Checkers on Inkster so I could eat some of those amazing fries. To even things out, in terms of respectability, we kept driving down the freeway til we ended up at the DIA.

We saw the Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo exhibit which was basically amazing. I don't know how often I will be able to see an entire exhibit devoted to a behind the scenes look at the creation of one of my favorite pieces of art that I've seen in person. There was a lot more to it too... Just trust me and go see it!

Anyway, after walking through the exhibit (no pics allowed, boo), we had to go visit the actual mural.

And then a little stroll around before heading on home

I always gotta do it up right with a themed party... This year was Hulsolympics! We had Karen-y themed events, and people competed for medals.

One event required people to sketch a portrait of me in eight minutes, and then I'd choose the winners.

Oh man, it was awesome. I also didn't know if I should be offended at some of the finished pieces... Anyway, it's small, but the winner was Matt with the top center drawing!

Many moments of merriment were had during my big 3-4 celebrations! Photos to come of another thing I did on my bday- new photo shoot!


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