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happy monday

Crazy week to come...

father's day

Happy Father's Day! Please enjoy the card that Violet and I made for Mike. She came up with the whole story word for word herself (Although I helped at the very end because otherwise it would have just gone on and on...), and then we illustrated it together (ie, I tried to make her draw as much as possible before she got too cranky)


And here is Mike with his surprise cake! Violet insisted that it be pink and purple with sprinkles, so there ya go.

Turns out the cake had a special ingredient.

Happy Father's Day to Mike, Dad, Jim, and all the other great dads out there!

sister love

"Bianca's my best friend" -Violet :) *heart melts*

park date

Just another day with the sweet girlies! (btw let Bianca's nose be a lesson for what happens when you totally procrastinate trimming your kid's nails...)

Oh, sisters.

Violet loves taking care of Bianca.... aka, being allowed to tell her what to do :)


We took V ice skating a ways back. I had no idea how it would go, 'cause it seems like it would be pretty difficult for a four year old to balance on two wobbly blades on a slippery surface. I was really impressed with her though! She worked so so hard, and eventually got the hang of it.

Skater girl takes on the rink!

Mike and I traded off skating with her and being spectators with Bianca.

She looks so serious :) But she couldn't stop talking later about how much fun she had! (I was kinda surprised...)

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