buncha bday

Just look at that sweet lil face. So cute, so content, so...

...extremely upset. Happy birthday! (Seriously though, I love that we captured the looks on both their faces. Pure gold.)

Okay, thankfully, babies are very easily distracted. Happy birthday, take two!

Bianca had her first taste of chocolate. And basically sugar at all.

nom nom

How come I don't look this cute when my face is covered with frosting? Or maybe I do... *gets tub of frosting* *smears on face* *takes photo* Ok nope turns out I do not. *uploads pic to instagram* *jk*

Annnnd more crying! #babies

Annnd look here's a present! #babies

New handmade bonnet from Grandma for dem sunny dayz.

This just in: Glow worms are cute now.

(for reference. yikes.)

Well, after all the yummy food and plentiful presents, it was time to get in comfy clothes and take a nap. And Bianca was ready to relax too (HAHA i'm hilarious)

Glow worm and Jelly cat, reporting for duty!

And that's it- we now have a one year old! And I'm realizing that there just might be a thing called "the terrible ones"... At least it comes and goes. Much like her desire to bite me.


Anne June 1, 2015 at 10:45 AM  

I love the grandparent crafts! what a sweet bonnet and card! Treasures.

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