daddy day

We enjoyed celebrating Mike on his bday! As usual, we make birthdays a multi-day affair, including a party with friends, getting together with family, and also some "just us" family time.

It's no fun to have to go to work on your birthday, so V & I surprised Mike when he came home with homemade jerk chicken and chocolate (and sprinkle) covered pretzels! As it turns out, the lid to the sprinkles is a bit faulty, which I realized the moment I was taking this photo.

Eh, we just scooped it up and used it for the rest.

They were a hit!

We got him a couple Star Wars lego sets. Part of the gift was Mike being able to teach Violet how to assemble them and then play with them together!

Fun for everyone!


demoreeann April 16, 2015 at 11:00 AM  

i think the last picture needs to go in a frame on mike's desk. :) so great.

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