one whole year

I can't believe I am typing this, but BIANCA IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY! I am a ball of conflicting emotions... It's so fun to be her mommy and see her grow up and learn new things, but when I see photos from the past year I just think awwwww she's so littttllle and I'll never have that againnnn. The happy part wins out for now though- Yay for a new milestone in our lives! We actually managed to keep another kid alive and kicking for a whole year!

Speaking of a year, it basically took me a million of those to put this video together! (Not really... I did it this week, but still...) It was a huge, time-consuming labor of love, but I wanted to have something that captured B in her many sweet moments from the past year. I squished it down into a convenient mere seven minutes. Come for the cuteness, stay because she's so lovable! (Also, forgive some of the image quality/sizing. It's too boring to explain, but it was unavoidable)


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