ebb & flow

Not too much longer and it'll all start again... (I can't wait!)

four year old fun

At this point, Violet's not the type to want a big birthday party with a bunch of friends there, so we just had a little bday play date with her good friend Anja at this fun bouncy house place. The girls (and their little siblings) had such a fun time!


We also opened a few presents at home...

...including this little tool set which she has put to good use, repairing things around the house left and right.

Cake time!

And just look at that big grin that is definitely not a forced smile for the camera.

a dramatic reading

Please enjoy an except from "The Three Little Pigs", as performed by Violet and Daddy, with Bianca providing general background cuteness.

love pat

She means well.

thank you very much

It's not too late to post pics from last Thanksgiving, is it? Because Violet was such a cute little helper in the kitchen. Mike (+ Violet) got the turkey all prepped and I (+ Violet) took it from there.

We used dried rosemary from my garden. I felt so resourceful!

As always, Alton Brown's video on how to truss a turkey came in handy.


*more applause*

Good food, good fam.

A little Uno post-pie.

Annnnd then the real fun begins...

sweetest lil face

my favorite little baby face

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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