mini vaca

During our wedding anniversary week, we had time alone without the girls for a few days. It was greatttt. We took advantage of the glorious free time to enjoy a little staycation.

Someone had previously given us a gift card to this place, and it turned out to be incredible...

...decor-wise, that is.

The food was good too. Not pictured: my amazing slab o' ribs. Pictured: Mike's typical choice of pizza.

And now let's take another look at that decor. Seriously, just take it all in.

Take it all in.

Afterward, we went to this new board game lounge in Plymouth.

I think Mike's happy place has walls full of board games, so this was a good start.

What's nice about a place like this is that you get a chance to try out games you might not normally play...

This was the real winner of the day. Obviously.

The next day we finally headed downtown to Neopapalis, which we had been wanting to try for awhile. I had no idea it was a pretty inexpensive place, which was a nice bonus.

Bianca pizza!

We chose to not eat a food named after our baby, but rather went with a classic choice, topped with some delectable caramelized onions and peppers.

During a post-meal walk around town, we stumbled onto a farm-themed art show. To be honest the art was just okay, but it was a fun little diversion. And most of all it was warm inside!


And we wouldn't be us if we didn't squeeze in some more gaming. (You may not know that Sindbad is one of the suspects in the game of Clue.) I'm dreaming of the next time we actually get a break from the kids. I know that might sound harsh, but it's just the truth! I love those little crazies, but everyone needs a lil bit of rest when you can get it...


Anne January 17, 2015 at 4:09 PM  

how fun! we just played that quirkle game, I liked it. Doug loves pizza too, day in, day out. glad you guys had a nice time! mike wore the appropriate coat :)

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