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Just a couple of puppies rolling around all cute-like.

dat voice

seriously tho... I mean, 2:42-3:06, guys.


Someday I won't be tired all the time, right? Children pictured because they look much cuter sleeping than I do...

hallowow that was awhile ago

Sometimes it becomes painfully obvious how behind on photos I am. This mayhaps be one of those times. Mike keeps telling me I should "declare bankruptcy" with my photos and just start with current ones, but how can I with all these cute kiddo pics?? THEY'RE IN COSTUMES, FOR GOODNESS SAKES. Our little bug lived on another year, which makes the three dollars we spent on this costume at the thrift store incredibly worth it.

She was so excited to go trick or treating, despite the absolutely terrrrribllle weather.

She joined her friend Anja, who joined the legions of tiny Elsas roaming the streets that night.

Even this one was all smiles amid the freezing rain and gusty winds.


Jigglypuff was all tuckered out after all that sitting around in the stroller all comfy.

Now... moving on to another very important event... Our annual Hulseween party! The kids got dressed up again. We dusted off the ol' cow costume from when V was a baby.

And everyone else got dressed up too. I love that our friends put so much effort into their costumes just for our lil old party. (Who am I kidding... it's a great party). But yeah SPEAKING of effort, guess who sewed this amazing Jedi robe with only a vague online pattern I barely referenced? MEEEE. And it's like legit. Feel free to come over and closely examine the stitching. It's impeccable, if I do say so myself. I mean, it should be, considering the hours upon hours I spent working on this thing. That's true love, people. Mike assures me that he will reuse this again and again. He claims he'll consistently be a Jedi, but I think it would be much more interesting to find a way to incorporate this into a different costume every year.

And somehow in that abundance of free time, I whipped up another costume for me. I went as a garden, of course. I sewed the brown tutu and put in the twine roots and cut out the little felt veggies and finagled the rest of it together with a bunch of hot glue and safety pins and serious elbow grease. Yes, I said "elbow grease".

I like it so much I'm forcing you to look at it again... closer.

Sad baby cow is just too cute.

This is what you do if you encounter a horse mask and you're Mike.

Family portrait! Maybe we should frame it and replace the one in the top right of the pic. I mean, that one doesn't even have Bianca in it. (Please note: We have since updated it. Bianca was starting to question why we didn't have her up on the wall, and it was becoming a real issue around here. I mean, she was crying a lot, so I assume that was the reason.)

Annnnd I had to put one more pic of my lovely head piece. I should start a flower arranging business!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

mini vaca

During our wedding anniversary week, we had time alone without the girls for a few days. It was greatttt. We took advantage of the glorious free time to enjoy a little staycation.

Someone had previously given us a gift card to this place, and it turned out to be incredible...

...decor-wise, that is.

The food was good too. Not pictured: my amazing slab o' ribs. Pictured: Mike's typical choice of pizza.

And now let's take another look at that decor. Seriously, just take it all in.

Take it all in.

Afterward, we went to this new board game lounge in Plymouth.

I think Mike's happy place has walls full of board games, so this was a good start.

What's nice about a place like this is that you get a chance to try out games you might not normally play...

This was the real winner of the day. Obviously.

The next day we finally headed downtown to Neopapalis, which we had been wanting to try for awhile. I had no idea it was a pretty inexpensive place, which was a nice bonus.

Bianca pizza!

We chose to not eat a food named after our baby, but rather went with a classic choice, topped with some delectable caramelized onions and peppers.

During a post-meal walk around town, we stumbled onto a farm-themed art show. To be honest the art was just okay, but it was a fun little diversion. And most of all it was warm inside!


And we wouldn't be us if we didn't squeeze in some more gaming. (You may not know that Sindbad is one of the suspects in the game of Clue.) I'm dreaming of the next time we actually get a break from the kids. I know that might sound harsh, but it's just the truth! I love those little crazies, but everyone needs a lil bit of rest when you can get it...

behind the scenes

I think it's safe to say that this is my favorite photo of the girls of 2014. They were both dressed up for church, and afterward I thought they just looked so stinkin cute that we needed to do a little photo shoot. I'm glad we did! They are just so precious. And Bianca's little hair swoop with the curled ends just kills me. Anyway, it wasn't easy to get a photo in which both kiddos were actually looking forward and smiling! Some of our other tries...

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