happy halloweekend

Happy Halloween! We will be braving the ridiculously bad weather to stock that little pumpkin basket up with candy. Violet is excited to trick or treat with her friend Anja, and the parents and baby siblings will be tagging along. Bust out the winter coats for the first time! It's supposed to be wet and windy and even a wee bit snowy...

sparkle girl

Let's just pretend this is an intentional throwback Thursday post instead of the next set of photos I have chronologically to edit. Anywho, we had our annual fourth of July partayyy, and we thought it would be fun for Violet to play with sparklers and also get a mini-fireworks show, since she'd be sleeping for the bigger one later.

Here's the haul!

And a little preview for V.

Her reaction was just so cute :)

a day at the farm

Hello again! I have returned from my week long absence. I could do my usual spiel of how life is overwhelming, I'm busy, blah blah blah... but that's basically the gist, so let's move on. I'm trying to get back into my photo editing so I'm a wee bit behind. It will become more obvious as the weather gets colder outside, yet my photos show us in our sunny warm clothing. Anyway, here we are at Domino's Farms. It was a weird day that alternated between sunny and cloudy and warm and rainy, but we had fun through all of it. Enjoy this deluge of photos to make up for my lack of recent posts.

(Violet was super into posing for a picture, as you can tell)

lucky seven

Today marks the seven year anniversary of receiving one of the best gifts of my entire life... Mike as my husband! I just can't imagine life without him. If back then I saw this photo, I would be amazed at how blessed I would be in the coming years. Mike is not only a strong, loyal, calm, and compassionate husband, he also brings everything that I love about him into his role as a father too. Sure is somethin, being teamed up with this man. I LOVE YOU!

in the distance



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