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We love living in Ann Arbor! Someday I want to do a series of blog posts on fun stuff you can do around this town. As someone who has lived here beginning when I was an 18 year old freshman at the University of Michigan and continuing on to being married and having one and then another kid here, I have experienced my fair share of assorted activities around town. For now, here are some pics of just a few of the fun things A2 has to offer.

The Diag isn't just for university students! Yeah, sometimes I feel kinda old walking around there, but it's a nice green area in the middle of town where I like to take the girls to play in the grass and chase the (eerily friendly) squirrels. Sometimes we'll bring our lunch too. These pics are from a Saturday afternoon when we all could go together.

I've posted photos from Buhr Pool before, but I have a lot because we went there multiple times this summer. I lovvve our neighborhood pool, but a bonus of Buhr is that it has a splash pad- a fun little pool/water fountain area that tiny kiddos can run and play in by themselves safely. Because let's face it, holding onto a baby and a toddler in four feet of water is not my idea of a fun summer day. (Actually that doesn't sound that bad... It's the getting everyone ready part that literally takes an hour)

See? Everyone likes it here!

We don't get to go out that often, but sometimes a local treat is in order. The Blue Tractor has some delicious stuff. I'm not a burger person, but their pulled pork sliders are da best. In the warm months, one of my favorite things to do at the end of a long week (*ahem* which is every week) is eat a leisurely dinner outdoors in the beautiful weather. I remember this particular day being especially lovely. In addition to wonderful food, lovely weather, and perfect company, the very gifted local musician Abigail Stauffer was performing live there. Beautiful voice and guitar skillz too!

And even though I am one of those evil people running the local businesses out of town because I also like to use Amazon, I am a lover of the downtown bookshop Literati. Once Violet saw the Where's Waldo wall, she became an instant fan too!

Like I said, I hope to continue this into a series. City pride all the way!


demoreeann September 22, 2014 at 10:09 AM  

I miss living in Ann Arbor(and seeing its residents) so much! Brian and I can't wait to visit with the kiddo!

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