flower girl

All but the last pic are from a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where colorful flowers and vegetables in the garden abound! This pretty little girl fits right in.

sweet success

Mutiple years of trying to grow yellow bell peppers and I finally got one. Just ate it and I was all like:


If you hate spiders, then don't walk around in my garden. They set up shop everywhere. I didn't mind, except I kept walking face-first into them, which is pretty gross. So now when I'm walking through the various bushes and trees areas, I wave an arm back and forth in front of me. Annnnd yes I look like a crazy person. But at least I'm a crazy person without a webby face and a spider crawling who knows where...



I have watched some excellent television over the past year (see above) and the Emmy wins and general accolades these series are getting are totally well deserved. Now... back to my episode of America's Next Top Model. (I have to have a guilty pleasure.)

summer sweets


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