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Cutie Violet at the parade last year.

Happy Fourth of July! Today has some significance... um, obviously for the whole America/freedom/etc thing, but for other reasons too...

1. One year ago today, I took a pregnancy test that came back positive! I tried not to get my hopes up again since I had been waiting quite some time for this news to arrive. So, I attempted to nonchalantly take the test while we were getting ready to head out to the Ann Arbor Fourth of July parade. We were ecstatic to see the little stripes! And here we are a year later with a sweet little beautiful baby girl.

(Get ready to cover your eyes if you are squeamish about nursing... Okay... go!)

2. Today is the last day I am pumping breast milk. I am hoping to do a more detailed post about this whole thing at a later point, because I wish I would've had all the info that I now have, and the internet is the easiest place for people to search for this stuff. But the shorter but still kinda longish version is that just like with Violet, I had difficulties breastfeeding directly and didn't want to give Bianca formula, so I decided to provide milk exclusively by pumping it all. This means that I have been a slave to that electric pump for exactly four months. It sounds melodramatic, but OH MY GOSH it's true. When my baby has slept through the night, I have woken up multiple times to come out in the living room and sit for a half hour hooked up to a machine. During the days, rather than take precious and very rare time to myself while my baby naps and Violet watches a TV show, I am still sitting there next to that machine, hunched over so gravity helps the milk flow better into the bottles.

Dude, coping from a c-section is no joke, and pumping is hard enough on its own. I didn't think I would make it through the first week. I didn't think I would make it through the first month. I set an audacious goal of three months, and I hit it. Then I decided to loosen things up and pump fewer times throughout the day and night, and I made it here, to four months. You guys, for the whole first three months, I never slept more than three hours max at a time without being up for at least 45 minutes between sleep sessions. And in the past month, I only slept for about three or four hours max at a time. In 121 days I have never, NOT ONCE, slept through the night. Tonight I will do that for the first time since I was huge and pregnant and oh yeah actually not sleeping through the night for months because I had to urinate all the time. So basically it's been a long long time.

Even more empowering than the fact that I made it to four months even when I was ready to give up after four days is that I saved a LOT extra. We stored bags and bags of it in our deep freezer. By my calculations, I have about 70 days worth saved up. Two more months! The thing is, I had this secret super super audacious goal of doing it for six months. And it turns out I will!

Ok, THE END of that section.

3. Lastly- AND OBVIOUSLY THE MOST IMPORTANT- tonight Mike and I will have our famous annual fourth of July party during which we set off completely average but totally amazing fireworks!!!

Happy holiday- I know I'll be celebrating!


demoreeann July 4, 2014 at 12:13 PM  

Definitely a day to celebrate. I can't believe you did that- amazing. I hope you enjoy the sleep tonight! xoxo

Anne July 7, 2014 at 4:09 PM  

Good job!! Joel said mike emailed him a pic of the freezer full when Michelle was talking about not having enough milk and thinking about pumping. Haha, so great!!

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