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You can tell how behind I am on pics based on the fact that we are wearing coats and long pants in these pics. And despite those layers, I was still cold! The very thought! Anyway, back in late April we went to the farmer's market to get some lettuce sprouts. They can be planted earlier in the spring than most of the kinds of vegetables and flowers that I grow, so it was fun to get a little head start on the garden. Not pictured: fun. (She was a bit serious that morning)

This is my favorite vendor to buy plants from. Their prices are good, but the best part is that they clearly label all the different varieties of a given plant and include descriptions like what it tastes like, what kind of uses it's good for, and what conditions it's best grown in. See also: guy in background who thinks I am taking a photo of him.


I couldn't resist getting a couple rosemary plants too.

Someone had a box of free kittens. People were clustered all around it, passing around these cute kittens to cuddle with. We took a couple turns.

She got slightly smilier as the morning progressed.

The Violin Monster- an Ann Arbor staple.

Violet is pretty fascinated by the "wolf man", as she called him.

Despite the chill, Mike had to get one of his patented lime root beer sno-cones.

And check this out...

A real life transformer!

Here he is in action!


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