lil v

Some sweet pics of my sweet girl...

This collection of stickers saved us from a very cranky afternoon slump.

No big deal, we just let Violet get the grill ready for us and call to us if she's on fire. (I'm kidding and the pictured grill was cold)

Hanging out on campus with a couple slices like a college kid.

This is like cuddling with a ravenous tiger that could turn on you any second.

But, you know, whatevz.

Crazy eyes finishes her puzzle all by herself.

First dentist visit! She was a pro- the dentist and hygenist kept asking if it was really her first time there. Her preparedness is due to the Berenstain Bears book teaching her about what to expect.


No cavities!

Just some low-key Hello Kitty karaoke on a weekday afternoon.

I left the room for like two minutes and came back to Violet trying to pick up and comfort a crying Bianca (she was lying on a blanket on the floor)...

It was slightly concerning, but surprisingly worked.


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