a few pix from my instagram feed...

my sweet happy girls.

sweet girls, part two.

warm weather means seeing these cute chubby arms more!

garden planning! i've planted a good chunk of it, and this weekend i'll probably hit up the farmer's market and finish.

quiet saturday morning immersed in books.

snug as a bug in bed.

a sticker-palooza saved this girl (and me) from a meltdown one cranky afternoon.

all prettied up for baby dedications at church on mother's day!

...followed by a yummy meal for the families prepared by mike and me. don't worry, i cashed in on some mother's day alone time later after everything was done and cleaned up.

serious sleepy face in her swing.

happy sleepy face on my lap.

it's not all cuteness- this is what happens when you try to save a few bucks by finishing out the last bunch of too-small diapers in the package.

karaoke night!

lovely lashes. i'm jealous.

annnd lastly, a little story: it started raining lightly while we were on the diag eating pizza, so we moved under the overhang at the grad library. then it started downpouring and gusting rain at us. result: I had to bring a screamy violet and a hungry cranky poopy bianca INSIDE the library. i became everyone's bff at that point as you can imagine...


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