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saturday smiles

violet wants to be wherever bianca is... like seriously the exact place bianca is, even if that means practically smothering her.

addicted to hugs

banana muffins from scratch with dad

smushy face

violet the photographer took this- i think it turned out pretty well, considering. hopefully the baby draws attention away from my sweatpantsed, no makeuped, non-showered self.

the doctor's office bought out the factory of these toys apparently

"it's like a tutu kinda"

way back on my bday. cake by mike.

take two. i love bianca's expression.

where's waldo featuring special guest bianca. this is mike's doing. he claimed that the bread and cereal were light enough to justify this configuration.

tracking down stuff to recreate my childhood interests- vintage raggedy ann and strawberry shortcake pillow case via etsy.

little sweetheart

annnd let's get a close up on that beautiful little face :)


Anne May 12, 2014 at 8:44 PM  

I agree on the recreating your favorite childhood things! I want my kids to have that plastic wind up record player (and I think they actually brought it back!) and the old school barn. Not the new one with gigantic bulbous animals, I have got to find the old one for my kids!

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