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For the past few years, Mike and I have watched less and less tv. It started with cancelling our cable and only using Netflix and Hulu, and then it just led to us keeping up with fewer shows. As Violet has been growing up and requiring more energy to keep entertained, we haven't felt like using our rare free time to zone out in front of the television. And we have a rule about never watching our shows in front of her, so she pretty much thinks the only thing that will appear on the tv screen is, like, Daniel Tiger and Thomas the Tank Engine and whatnot. However, now with the arrival of little Bianca (who happens to be oblivious to things like the gory content of The Walking Dead), we find ourselves up at all hours doing various parenting tasks that require the use of our arms and/or hands. Sooo while we do that, it pretty much only leaves one activity available. (Sidenote: Mike only watches the first two. The final two are my own ridiculous choices.)

Sherlock has been in our Netflix queue for a couple years now. Mike would suggest we watch an episode, and I'd look at the image and think UGH THIS WILL BE BORING. I have to admit that I was completely wrong. I really really like it- it's super clever and funny and the acting and plot and cinematography are all just excellent. I super recommend it!

Okay, now that I have established that I will watch fine, critically-acclaimed programming, we will now venture into "guilty pleasure" territory. Shark Tank is pretty entertaining- regular people present their inventions and businesses in front of millionaires who decide if they want to invest their own money in them. How could you not be entertained- this is the show that brought you the Uroclub, a fake golf club you can urinate into while you're far away from a bathroom, of course.

Since airing on the show, it's become a legit product!

On Nanny 911, a British nanny will visit a family with nightmare children and help the parents learn how to like actually parent correctly. All I have to say is that Nanny 911 makes me feel like the most amazing parent in the world. One kid went into his neighbor's house and urinated in the living room. Also, why have I been talking about urine so much? I apologize for the high concentration of urine mentions.

Oh yes, The O.C. I thought the wee hours of the night and during Violet "naps" (aka, quiet time spent in her room definitely not sleeping) were great times to rewatch this 00's era gem. Season one is so good, and I mean that for real. OMG THAT JEFF BUCKLEY HALLELUJAH MONTAGE AT THE END OF THE SEASON. (Sidenote- they were the first to do that before like three other shows used that song during epicly sad moments) Anyway, if you don't get teary during it ESPECIALLY WHEN KIRSTEN BREAKS DOWN SOBBING then your heart is a cold dead stone. And can I just say that even though each season declined in good-ness, the end of season two was GREAT. Yes, I am talking about the "Marissa mmm whatcha say shooting" moment. I thought it was awesome, and I mean that in a totally non-ironic way. I just watched that episode and the lead up to it is GREAT.

It's just the very tail end, so you don't get the full epic-ness, but still. LOVE IT. Anyway, until next time!

PS: Aren't you proud of me for actually doing a real, non-kid photo-filled post that has actually lengthy text? I can't believe it myself. Of course the only reason this is happening is that Violet and Bianca are not even in the house right now, thanks to grandparently assistance.


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