Mike and I had our joint birthday party in early February because I had a feeling I wouldn't be up for throwing a big party when I was in the immediate post-giving birth phase. That didn't mean that I wasn't going to at least do some small celebrating on my actual birthday. Violet spent the day with my parents so Mike and I with Bianca in tow could spend some time together. We took a (chilly but at least sunny) walk around downtown, went to Wafel Shop and Panera later, played some board games, did some crossword puzzles, got my free birthday cupcake at the Cupcake Station, and then came home exhausted.

(Don't mind my puffy eye scab... It's actually a lot better here than it was. At its worst, it looked like someone punched me hard in the face. It was a reaction to one of the pain meds I was on.)


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