Check out my little smartie...

She didn't even need any help!

And I tell ya, she wants us to read her book after book... It's only a matter of time until she can read them to herself.

And we're so impressed with her writing as well! I mean, look at that E, y'all. That ain't easy.

coming through the rye

click da pix for da source

video vriday

Friday nite dance party at da club

Before Bianca came along, Violet chose an original name for the baby.

Can't start 'em too young- Violet's already got herself a job as a waitress.

Budding song writer? Also... "Yonka" :)

instafun again

two instagram posts in one week! crazy!(see also: lazy.)

finnnally playing outside

moby wrap gets some use the second time around

snow does its best to ruin spring's progress

the flowers stick it out though!

b is already too tall to fit in this... *sniff*

floppin on the couch

sweet dream

sweet sister smooch

snuggly selfie

fam game time

lovely crocuses are here!

(and here)

my favs

whaddup yo

reading to my lovelies

on & on...

Playing a board game with Violet starts off typical, and then can slowly turn into another game I like to call "how patient are you willing to be"... Well, you'll see what I mean.

Silly kid.

just me & v & z

Violet can get pretty serious about her coloring. (Thanks, Demoree & Brian for the gift!)

Zooey's last day as Violet's best friend (Bianca was born the day after I took this set of pics!)

This girl is just too sweet.


some pics from my instagram feed (and a couple from mike's too)...

so much pretty

bianca's little nook in the corner of our bedroom

hospital snuggles #1

hospital snuggles #2

i have by now acquired a total of almost six gallons of extra food for bianca. GO ME.

i still get brief moments to get some reading in

v looks a wee bit apprehensive as mike cuts my hair. for the record it looks good :)

signed pic from violet the artist

can't get enough of these two

sleepy sweetie

i was stuck with the healthy snack while violet ate the last cookie

speaking of snacks... WHAT ELSE do you do with them??

the checkout line was too short so i'll never knowwww

love love love

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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