Sooo yeah... this was from the day we were supposed to have especially nice weather. All of a sudden it was THUNDERSNOWING, which I didn't even realize was a thing. It was very bizarre. And kind of disappointing.

I mean, let's be done already.

We watched this scene slowly unfold as we sat through a couple light cycles. It's hard to tell, but his back left wheels are totally in the air. He was having a tough time making that turn and would keep backing up and trying again. Finally he was just like whatever I'm gonna drive over the curb, however did not take into consideration that large icy snowbank. Poor dude. We eventually turned to go around him. He was totally stuck and in need of some serious towing. How do they even do that with semis anyway?

We did get a little reprieve from the weather this one day that was like 40 degrees though! I cashed in on that opportunity and we went for a walk. Violet loves the idea of going to school, so we walked down to the elementary school about three blocks away. They were on mid-winter break, so we were able to play a little bit in the playground.

I promise she was having fun, despite her moody face.

And then on those way too cold snowy days, we've been back to the art projects and games.

We got a sweet little card in the mail that Violet made and sent while she was in Grandville. It's very light, but on the right hand side you can see where she wrote her name.

Well, five and a half years later, we FINALLY got a new windshield. Every so often, the cracks would grow, and it just got to the point where I was pretty nervous about it, especially since I'm gonna be carting around a little girl and a newborn soon and flying broken glass sounds kinda not safe. Fun story: the glass company lets you borrow a car if you need to for a couple hours while they work on your windshield. They kept saying stuff like "Don't go very far" and "they're not great cars". Well all I had to do was drive like three miles to work for a meeting and all of a sudden the muffler fell off and was dragging on the ground and of course making the LOUDEST sound ever. Driving without a muffler is like the car version of the "realizing you are wearing just your underwear in a crowd of people" dream. Everyonnnne is staring at you.

Mike found a new game for Violet at the thrift store (we love those 50% off Value World coupons!)

As with most games, she'll be into it for awhile...

And then it will slowly evolve into her turns taking longer and longer as she pretends the pieces are little people playing together with her other toys and it's nearly impossible to get her to take her turn.

I love her little "I'm doing a silly voice" face.

I've been scheduling blog posts ahead of time so I'll hopefully not have a huge length of time sans bloggin. But expect a spotty March... I can only prepare so much, and then my life will be quite overwhelming (ummm or should I say MORE overwhelming than it already is). But of course we'll have baby pics that I'll be dying to show the internets, so I'm hoping in between baby feedings through the night and Violet begging for attention I will get some of those pics up here! I'm one week away from my due date, which means pretty much nothing because you just never know what the timing will be. However, for various reasons that require explaining details I don't feel like typing out, I have a c-section scheduled for March 13th. So no matter what, there is a definite end date in sight!


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