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Happy March! Okay, so at this point there is like no difference in the weather, but I always start to feel hopeful that nicer days are just around the corner. Yeah, you might have to walk uphill in a blizzard to get to that corner, but we've got January and February behind us! Rejoice! I am totally looking forward to seeing my perennials sprout up in the coming months. It's fun to know that (assuming all is going according to plan under that currently frozen soil), I will see these same pretty flowers again. I kinda went overboard with tracking down a ton of pics from our garden last year, but I am just looking forward to all these lovely colors surrounding our house once again!

(technically not perennials, but these morning glories come back like weeds!)

And, of course, I can't wait to have my little assistant helping to keep everything looking beautiful!

Just look at us in our tshirts! And shorts! Outside!! And that lovely green grass...


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