Happy birthday to me! And I have chosen to celebrate by coming out of blog hiding (yes, the past several posts were created a couple weeks ago and scheduled) and presenting our new sweet little baby girl!. Bianca Horizon was born on March 5th, and above you can witness the exact moment of her entrance into the world, via c-section. Sorry if you find this a bit too graphic, but I just think it is so amazing. (And trust me, there are much more gory pics in this series that much better feature my bloody guts. I'll spare you those.)

My baby girl and I meet for the first time. Look at her dark hair!

A kiss for Mommy.

She held on and didn't want to leave me. I felt the same way.

But they had to do all the weighing and tests and stuff. Mike could watch and take pictures, but I had to get all put back together. Seriously, it is quite the invasive surgery.

First photo with both Mommy & Daddy!

There was still someone else Bianca had to meet...

Oh my goodness, it was one of the most precious things I've ever seen. Violet was just enraptured by her baby sister. I knew she would be excited, but she was just in awe. We've got video of this too which I'll post soon.

I was in love with this adorable face from day one.

Later I was able to be moved from the recovery room to the room I'd stay in for the next couple days. Violet got to get closer and hold her sister for the first time.

Bianca lookin up at me.

Our new family of four!

Sweet Bianca finally sleeps after all the excitement of being born and stuff. Happy birthday to us!


Anne March 20, 2014 at 7:25 PM  

congratulations!!! oh my gosh Violet looks just like you in that sweet picture of you 3..

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