My two little cuties. The pics overfloweth... CAN YOU BLAME US THOUGH JUST LOOK AT THOSE FACES.


Bianca is three and a half weeks old, and I'm up to posting pics of her at three and a half days old. I can already see the difference in how she looks. But for now enjoy when she was still a little just-born blob.

I'm fitting in editing photos when I can, but it is far from easy. Things have been crazy around here... I can't believe that it is normal for a person to be recovering from major surgery and have to take care of a newborn and a three year old alone all day. I definitely appreciate all the help and support I've had. Even with it though, things have been completely overwhelming. Maybe a day will come when I will only think it is just plain overwhelming...

big sister

This little girl is such an angel. She is just so sweet and kind and affectionate. I thought she would enjoy being a sister, but she absolutely LOVES it. I can't even count how many hugs and kisses and sweet words Bianca receives each day. And also she's been so patient during all the times she has to wait. It's hard to tell her we're going to read a book or play a game and then realize the baby needs a diaper change or needs to eat immediately. But Violet has handled it all so well. She just such a little treasure. And speaking of treasures, my other sweet girl is three weeks old today. Time is moving by so quickly, especially since I thought Bianca would be born over a week later than she was. Anyway, onto more cuteness...

She's a good friend to kitties as well.

i need a doctor

Just look at that excitement at her first doctor visit! VisitS, actually. She had two in the first week to check up on her weight and general growth.

As usual, Violet wants to watch whatever Bianca does.

Until the next family adventure! Yes, my blog will be chock full of kid pics for quite awhile. We have a lotttt...

homeward bound

Well, once I was able to get out of bed very painfully and barely hobble down the hall, it was obviously time to go home.

This little girl was ready to see the world beyond the hospital.

Time to get dressed!

I guess she was a little unsure of the outfit choice.

Me & kinda smiley Bianca.

Here we go!

Annnnd here we go...

my name is karen

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