wintry fun

Well, it's nice that someone has the energy to do outdoor winter activities with Violet. In Grandville, she even has personal snowman makers... she doesn't have to lift a finger, which suits her fine, as she does not like to get snow on her mittens. Let's just say there is not much frolicking around outside around our house, as my energy levels these days (10 more days til my due date!) barely get me to work the remote to turn on an episode of Daniel Tiger to keep Violet occupied while I lie on the couch and space out.

Over on the west side of the state, the snow is way more out of control than in Ann Arbor.

Yes, that is how high the snow banks on either side of the driveway are post-multiple shovelings.

You can't get more local than this sledding hill!

I, too, long to be in California right about now.

Sweet V makes a get well card for her great aunt.

And it wouldn't be a trip to Grandma & Grandpa's without making muffins with her doll.

She's always got a never ending supply fun activities to do, with all the toys and games they've got. I am pretty convinced that between the old stuff they've kept that belonged to Mike and his brother and the stuff they've acquired since Violet came along, they have way more stuff for her to play with than we do! But that sure helps when you hear "what do we do now??" about 20 times throughout the course of the day.

This smile captures how I feel about February ending. Good riddance!


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