snow days

Well, we're going on several weeks of really cold temps and really snowy days, basically since 2014 began. I think Michigan made a new year's resolution to make winter especially miserable. Anyway, as I've said before, we've been running through all the various activities we can do around the house many times over. So here are some more pics of art projects and games and just chillin.

Concentrating very hard on figuring out which monster I am in Guess Who, the deluxe edition.

As always, there are many faces to be drawn.

And a potato, obviously.

Violet remains the only person immune to Zooey's violent ways.

She's had this thing about drawing people with three eyes lately, influenced by some of the monsters in Guess Who.

I think my favorite part of this is when she scolds Zooey for "causin' twouble."


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