More cute faces from my little artist.

We played Quip Qubes again which always leads to some entertaining sentences.

The Auto Show with Gommy and Poppy!

First people mover ride.

No big deal, just sorting some old baby clothes to get ready for new baby... while watching some Columbo.

Sometimes Violet is at her grandparents and we pretend like we are young and not parents and that being out in a Detroit karaoke bar at 1am isn't completely exhausting.

We still had fun though! And I like to imagine that our amazing performance inspired those people to slow dance.

Violet wanted to pause the game so she could read a story to one of the characters.

The yellow scribble at the top is the sun, and the blue at the top is a cloud, and right under that she wrote her name!

Mike continues indoctrinating her in nerddom.

White white world.


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