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As previously blogged about, Mike just had a birthday. Violet helped me make this poster for him. (Daddy is the one in the middle with the three eyes, of course.) This year we were wondering what to do about my birthday since I always do a pretty involved party with a theme, and since my due date is a week before my bday it just didn't seem doable. So we decided to do an early joint birthday party for the two of us AND use the same fun theme from my party last year, which was an awesome game show night, featuring everyone as contestants.

Violet kept asking all week if she could come to the party. She put a party hat on long before anyone showed up. :)

And then the games began... We did a crazy amount of work making TONS of Jeopardy questions.

Due to my sickness (ugh... I'm going on a week and a half now of a cold that involves a lot of phlegmy coughing. Don't I have enough physical discomfort to deal with at this point? Aghhhh), we had Violet blow out the candles. And it makes for a much cuter picture too.

After we shared a cupcake with her and whisked her off to bed, we got back into the games. Oh man, she had the most intense pre-bedtime tantrum I've ever heard- she just didn't want to miss out on the fun, poor thing. :(

When the games ended, we tallied up the scores and it was time for the awards ceremony! Violet helped me make the ribbons- they each featured a drawing of a different person of her choosing (or character from Sesame Street).

And then Andrew the champion won a trophy.

Only the finest plastic Party City can buy. Anyway, we had super fun timez with super great friendz. Happy birthday to us! (And hopefully I won't be too out of it to do something low key later on my actual birthday...)


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