big sister

We took Violet to what we called "big sister class"- It's where kids who are going to be new siblings can learn a little bit about babies and practice holding and caring for them (using dolls, of course).

I just love this face. And I'm hoping it won't be directed at our actual baby very often.

Speaking of faces, Mike couldn't stop laughing about what "our" baby looked like. I think just for having that attitude we will probably have an odd-looking child. We're already due one since our first newborn came with a commercial-ready face! And besides, most newborns are pretty weird-looking to the unbiased viewer. To conclude this paragraph, I just want to clarify that we will not be judging our child based on her looks...

Anyway, back to big sister class. Violet got a demonstration in baby-holding.

She was so sweet and gentle.

Then she thought it'd be more fun if "baby run around now!"

She also was a bit confounded by the anatomically correct baby boy.

She decided that "there a poop in there!"

Now this was kinda crazy. See video below to see what I mean. To sum it up, this is a ROBOT DINOSAUR.


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