belated merriment

I'm finally emptying out the last of my December pic folders! Please enjoy some Christmas in February. I mean, the weather is more Christmasy right now anyway, so I guess it kinda fits.

Mike is more amused by the dollar store Justin Bieber wrapping paper than Violet is.

Christmas craft day at the library.

Snow adds a lovely touch to our outdoor decor.

Christmas with da fam.

I love that I can give the gift of someone's old handmade California Raisins cross stitch that I found used and there is someone who will appreciate it.

However, that is the same person who you can tell "Here is a big list of things Dad wants for Christmas. You can get anything on it except this one book that I already bought" and then this happens. Ah well.

Back when it was just ooh snow! and not AHHH SNOWWW AND HORRIBLE WIND CHILL LEVELSSS.

Christmas with da fam part 2.

My little Christmas angel.


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