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Let me tell you, I adore this face (and the girl attached to it), but man... we've had some longggg days being cooped up inside. I could explain to you why the process of going somewhere in snowy, 0 degree weather is completely overwhelming and exhausting when you're seven and a half months pregnant and have a three year old with you, but honestly if you don't know, you just don't know. Sorry if that sounds condescending. Seriously though, among everything else involved, HAVE YOU EVER ATTEMPTED TO PUT TINY GLOVES ON TINY HANDS THAT ARE IN CONSTANT MOTION. Anyway, here are a lot of pics of us hanging around the house. Side note: I may become the first person in history to die of Candy Land-induced boredom.

How can you say no to Candy Land though when she gives you that face and a sweet little "pleeeease"?

Mike has the right idea- he's been teaching her nerdy non-kid games that he actually likes playing.

Zingo's actually pretty fun, as far as games geared toward preschoolers go. Bonus if you play it in a fort! (Unless you're pregnant, and then it's rather back-breaking to spend so much time sitting on the floor hunched over. Sad trombone.)

She wanted to make the butterfly shown on the container. I think she did pretty well!

Sometimes we go wild and liven up the day by doing something crazy like NOT SITTING IN HER BOOSTER CHAIR during lunch. The excitement comes from the danger!

It's always a joy for both of us when Daddy comes home. However, I am rather envious of how he convinces Violet to play the "let's pretend we're sleeping!" game.

*whimpering* "I can't sit on the potty without my bunny earrrrssss". Obviously.

I think it's just a thing now- whenever she does this puzzle, she says "take my picture!" As if she has to ask.

Look, we actually went somewhere! On a recent Saturday we planned a big family adventure to go to the mall to get me a new watch battery. As you can see, the mere effort of being out and about tired out little V.

But, okay, all my sarcasm aside, I love our little family and all the exhausting and mundane day to day stuff is really worth it if it means we get to have this girl in our lives. She is in the most fun phase yet- saying all kinds of silly and sweet things- and I definitely woundn't trade her for anything!


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