I know some people who make the switch to a big kid bed when their kid is like a year old, but we had Violet in her crib from the day we brought her home from the hospital until more than three years later at nap time this afternoon! But after dinner, we converted the crib (basically just taking off the front panel, but still it allows her to get in and out like a normal bed. Plus, she's got a pillow now and is using a sheet to cover herself). I surprised her tonight with the Sesame Street pillow (vintage pillowcase from Etsy... typical me..), and she was so excited. She watched Daddy work on the bed, and after awhile she hugged her pillow and sweetly said, "Thank you for my pillowcase, Mommy." When it was all done, we practiced what the morning would be like, with her being allowed to get up and come in our room when the clock turns green at the right time. We did it twice, and then she said, "Let's practice one more time". :) We'll see what tomorrow morning holds. So far tonight she's been in there without a peep, so we're off to a good start!

From four days old to three years and a month old, this was her cozy little four-walled home at night. :)


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