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Well, exactly one month ago I had a reason to bake a cake and get everything all ready for a little celebration. And now I am finally getting around to blogging pictures from Violet's third birthday! We just have so. many. photos. But here are a few handfuls to start. I made her a yummy cake that involved swirling around some chocolate chunks in an already very chocolately cake.

layer #1

layer #2

All done and cute.

Violet requested that she wear a party hat on her birthday. Her actual birthday was on a Friday, and Mike was able to take the day off work so we could have a fun day together. The next day was her little party with us and her grandparents (pics laterz).

Mischievous-faced girl, ready for bday breakfast.

Kinda funny story: Every year we've made a photo book of Violet pics from the past year for us to keep and as Christmas gifts for the grandparents. And of course it makes sense to always end the book with a few pictures of her birthday. Well, there was a massive discount that ended the day BEFORE her birthday party, so I got her all dressed up in the dress I sewed for her to wear at her party (and other times beyond that, of course). And then we had her pose by her cake and blow out the candles and everything. So yes, after breakfast and before our other planned fun activities for the day, we ridiculously staged a mini-bday party photo shoot, but in the end we ended up saving over $100. Worth the money, I'd say. (And thankfully Violet wasn't sad about not being able to eat the cake that day after she blew out the candles and everything...)

Twirling ballerina!

We had her open a couple presents to play with in the morning.

Why yes, this was another sewing project of mine. I thought they turned out really cute!

So adorbz. I can't take it.

I love this sweet little girl! So far, three has been such a fun age. More birthday pics to come!


Anne January 7, 2014 at 2:21 PM  

beautiful dress (and cake) Karen, good job!! smart thinking on the deal btw :) happy bday Violet!

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