life lately via my (& mike's) instagram feed...

[she's in a "take my picture, mommy!" phase]

["daddy got a wide smile"]

[leggings as pants happened]

[wonderful christmas gift]

[a lil lip gloss i gifted to myself]

[my favs, snugglin]

[my sometimes tolerable cat]

[ho ho ho]

[awesome thrift store fine- it's just like scrabble but with sentences]

[super deluxe boggle + whole foods for dinner = good date night]

[v traded up her family car in the game of life]

[in case you need proof that i love milk]

[found some of my very important documents from 1992]

[pro hide-and-seek player]

["i eat the chicken but i not eat that or that or that or that". sigh.]

[repost, instagram style. can't get enough of this one]

["it's mommy and mommy's baby."]


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