fun day continued

More cute pics from Violet's fake bday party! (See yesterday's post if you don't know what I'm talking about)

After we got our pics, we got her into more play-friendly clothes. We went to the Hands On Museum, which will be its own post. But first we played with more presents. I love how you can tell she's making the kitty do a silly voice because she always makes that face when she does her pretend voices :)

We also played some Zingo!

After the museum, we went to Pizza House with friends. Since I had already baked a cake for the next day, we just bought some cupcakes at the store for a treat there. Well, word to the wise: If you are having a birthday party or event during which there will be pictures taken of your child, BE WARY of letting your kid consume extremely saturated-color frosting the night before, unless you are cool with bright blue stained skin... (Thankfully we eventually got it off- with a lot of work)

The waitress noticed that we were having a birthday celebration and brought out this totally unnecessary huge dessert. I think it made up for taunting her with the cake earlier in the day.

All done! (with a little help from friends)


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