finale, i promise

Well, in case it isn't clear yet, December is a crazy month for us, what with multiple birthday celebrations for Violet AND multiple Christmas events. I'm not even done with Christmas yet on the ol' blogginz (even though it feels like a lifetime ago), but this is the last of the Violet bday pics! We had a sweet little birthday brunch party for her with our immediate families. She received many thoughtful gifts, some lovingly homemade and others graciously bought. Since then, we haven't had a lack of things to do play with here! (Which has been wonderful, considering that the recent weather has had us cooped up inside many days...)

So far, three has been such a fun age. She's such a sweet and thoughtful girl! A part of one of the games she got for her birthday involves the players having to compete to get a certain card first- And when she gets it, she'll say "Do you want a turn with it? We can share it, Mommy." I just love her :)


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