my fav girl & my fav diner

violet wore this home from the hospital & it was too big! can't believe it.

stockin up on goodies

cleared out a drawer for my new roommate

cutie leggies

old pic. our neighbors go all out.

jealous of how well she tans

appropriately attired in cupcake jammies

just a small portion of my tights collection

25 minutes of daniel tiger meant a wee reading break for mom

v & mike's fav game to play together

cutie leggies part 2

the board game smartie violet invented. the books are the spaces.

legit tunes

legit tunes part 2

violet waited for the doctor to come and check up on both of our babies


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My lil baby girl isn't such a baby any more.

But we decided that even though she was perfectly content to baby it up in her crib, we needed to probably make the switch to a bigger kid set up.

After all, for awhile now she's loved to pretend like she's sleeping in a big bed with a real life blanket and pillow!

So Mike finally modified her crib so she can now get in and out all by herself.

She's been loving it. And she's been doing really well staying in her room until it's time to get up too, which is the real victory.

Right after Mike set it up, Violet had fun practicing using her new big girl bed!

rocker chick

Love all these pics! My girl's just so cool...

She's so rock and roll.

serious gamer

That Candy Land is a real nail-biter, I tell ya. There's so much drama... Will you get to move one purple space or TWO? What if you land on the dreaded PEPPERMINTTT?

Her furrowed brow speaks volumes... We clearly take our games very seriously around here.

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