thanks, part 2

Ten hungry people, ready for some delicious Thanksgiving dinner (and having to endure a little photo shoot while the food sits just out of reach)!


Excited to chow down!

Post-dinner, we chilled for a bit with some good ol' fam time.

Violet was enthralled with the new Where's Waldo book Grandpa and Grandma brought over. In these pics, she kept saying "Where's Walgo, Chwis?" Yes, Walgo. It was very cute.

As soon as our stomachs recovered a bit from fullness, we dove into that pie.

...And then worked off some calories with a rousing game of Family Feud.

And by the end of the night, I felt a lot like this. It was a great time though, and a tradition I've enjoyed making over the past few years!


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