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Merry Christmas Eve! I thought I'd do a sort of double post since I've just got so many Christmas-y things to blog about. Violet's Christmas pageant went so well and was just too cute. Just look at her with her black velour dress and her festive red tights that are all baggy around the ankles. :)

Sometimes she does this when we ask her to pose for the camera. She apparently has an interesting take on the word "pose".

Now... onto the show!

She twinkled those fingers like a pro!

The whole little mini-choir.

She was all "I got this, class helper. Step aside." least that's what I assume she was thinking.

We were so so proud of our adorable little star! Here's a clip of the rehearsal and then the performance. The very end has such a sweet little moment when Violet was so happy to see us when she exits the stage :) *heart melting*

Post-show, they attempted to get a good group pic of the 3 & 4 year olds. Lol.

My parents and brother were in the choir in the big Northridge Church Christmas show "Glory of Christmas", which of course is always pretty crazy in terms of spectacle. If you need more convincing, keep scrolling.

If you know my fam, you'll see them scattered throughout this pic!

Obviously there were pyrotechnics.

And ice skating.

And flying.

And they had to include one of those famous Israeli alpacas.

Byeee Jesus!

The show was incredible as usual. Definitely worth checking out next year if you haven't seen it! (Although, I have to say that my favorite of the two was Violet's little show.)


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