Sleeping beauty + lots of "fwiends"

Helping Gommy & Poppy with the yard, back when there were actual visible leaves on the ground.

She loves her do-a-dot markers from Grandma & Grandpa!

Paramore & Metric were at the kind of massive Palace of Auburn Hills, yet we were still so close to the stage! At this point in my with-child-ness, I knew general admission tix (aka standing for like 4-ish hours) would be a mistake, but I was kinda sad that we'd have to be "far away". But this was way better! Actual seats to sit in, plus no heads and arms and hands obnoxiously holding up cell phones in my line of vision.

Srsly, in addition to having AMAZING vox, that Hayley is incredible on stage.

She was so proud of our mini-fort.

In the top left corner Violet decided to write her name... ? Apparently she can kinda do that now??

Playing "nap time" in Mommy's bed. I wish this was a fun activity during actual nap time.

I already posted about Thanksgiving, but have since seen a few pics our families took. This was a rare moment of victory for our team in Family Feud :)

And this is a cute one of Violet with two of her biggest fans!

She wanted to go "reawwy fast!"

My wonderful husband surprised me with beautiful flowers just because.

Violet and Mike were so sweet to make a card to give me when I got home from a bad day. Violet chose some interesting subject matter for the art and decided to "write" some sweet words as well. My family is so kind to me. <3


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