Various pics from life as of late...

Pretty view from the deck.

Pre-Thanksgiving snow. The seasons just didn't stay separated the way they should have been. I'm ready for a (little bit of a) white Christmas now though!

Violet had her last few art classes for awhile- We're skipping next quarter due to busyness with upcoming baby. Speaking of baby, yes that baby is just chillin on the table. Violet loved it.

Too much glue or teary frog?

Here I am with our sad old stove.

And here is our happy brand new stove! I'm so happy about the window! And the electric ignition! It's the little things in life, people.

And I topped the stove off with cutesy new (well, vintage) salt and pepper shakers and kosher salt bowl via Etsy.

Violet helped clean the floors to prep for our big Thanksgiving dinner (pics to come).

Play-doh funz.

Cake pop & Somerset Mall with Gommy and Poppy.

Christmas isn't the only approaching holiday... Someone around here is turning three years old this week! We've got some fun gifts ready to go, including a little sewing project I've been working on (and that's in addition to the new dress! Aka, I'm crazy... And have no concept of how much free time I actually have.) More fun to come!


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