in a holidaze

Things are simply crazy around here... Mike and I have had so much to do over the past month and for the next month and then a couple more and then after that we will have a newborn baby which should REALLY HELP THINGS CALM DOWN. Our google calendar is scheduled everrrry sinnnngle dayyyy with tasks that occupy almost all of out already PLENTIFUL free time. (SASSY CAPS left n right today, y'all.) Thankfully, some of things we are busy with have been awesome- Thanksgiving dinner, Violet's bday with just us and then her parties, and the big Christmas Concert at church that I pull off (with some help of course!) are just a few things that have been time consuming but really fun and satisfying. And then there's the FUN stuff like FIGURE OUT WHERE TO FIT A NEW BABY AND ALL HER STUFF when you have no bedrooms available in your small home... But anyway, I am doing my best to keep the bloggy afloat in the midst of all of this. The cute pix don't stop, therefore neither will I!


Alison Lewis December 9, 2013 at 4:48 PM  

The Christmas concert was such a great time for my family last night!! Thanks for all your hard work.
Also, we have 4 people and used to have a dog (who died a month ago :() in 2 bedrooms with about 750 sq ft. You can do it! It is nice to not have much cleaning and always know where the kids are. We even have 2 cribs in the kids room plus a changing table and a Lazyboy rocking recliner. The dresser (which they share) is in the closet for this to happen, but it works. Feel free to come over and check things out if you want!!

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