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I'm back this year for another episode of "Karen's favorite things" (see last year's posts here & here), which is exactly like Oprah's except I just list the things and actually give you nothing! Sorry. *Crowd of disturbingly ecstatic people turns into unruly mob*

Anyway, here are my 2013 likes! I should note that I only wish I owned all of these things... Some I do, some I hope to post-Christmas, and some are "maybe someday if I get rich..." items.

Kitty lip gloss (Urban Outfitters), Kitty purse (Lookbook Store), Kitty leggings (Urban Outfitters)

It's the year of kitty stuff! And I am def into it. Bring on the cuteness and plaster it all over everything I own.

Silver Linings Playbook on DVD (Amazon)

This movie is just SO SO great. I love it. Everyone's best friend Jennifer Lawrence won her Oscar for this role, after all! And you guys... it turns out Bradley Cooper actually is a really good actor. I just love when excellent filmmaking and feel-goodery mix.

Handmade heart ring (etsy)

If you know me at all, you know I heart hearts. It's actually rather ridiculous to look through my jewelry collection. Anyway, this is just so beautifully crafted. And I'm a sucker for silver rings, sooo obviously I am drawn to this like a raccoon to a piece of foil... that's formed into the shape of a heart.

The Shining Girls (Amazon), The Fault in Our Stars (Amazon), The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls (Amazon)

I read a lot of books this year (book list to come at the end of the year!), so I had to include some favorites. If you wanna get technical, The Fault in Our Stars came out in 2012, but OMG IT SLAYED ME IT WAS SO GOOD. These all are so different, so maybe if you check 'em out (literally, just check them out from the library) you will enjoy at least one of them.

Custom return address stamp (etsy)

There are a lot of awesome design choices in this person's etsy shop, but I chose this one because of the total Edward Gorey vibe. Mike and I currently have a plain looking stamp we got for free, so I might need to sabotage it before I can justify a purchase like this. At least it's a step up from our old labels from when we first were married- we bought some sticker labels and there were seriously like a thousand image choices to put next to your address. We chose a cartoon child who was wearing a baseball mitt on one hand and the other arm was amputated. I KNOW, WE'RE HORRIBLE BUT I COULDN'T RESIST.

Recipe book (Anthropologie)

Anthropologie brings out the materialism in me. I can't even fathom buying basically anything (even on sale) there due to their pricey-ness, but everything's just so pretttyyyy. Right now, my recipes are a collection of wrinkled pieces of folded paper with olive oil stains or sugar crusted on them. A crocheted beauty like this would be like a million steps up.

Fruits print (etsy)

If only I lived in a home where the kitchen could comfortably fit two people in it, let alone actually had wall space, I would proudly hang this adorable print. Bonus: it's from a local etsy shop hailing from Ypsilanti, Michigan!

Maps book (Anthropologie)

The Anthropologie book section strikes again... I would love to get this book for Violet (for a few years down the line). I think it would be just so fun and educational (um for me too... I have no idea where things are) to look through together. Maps are da best.

KAREN'S FAVORITE THINGS PART TWO coming shortly! I know you're dying to see what else you won't be receiving this Christmas!


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