favorite things, part 2

I'm picking up from where I left off in the last post!...

Paper heart wall decoration (etsy)

Isn't this just so cute? I could totally see this in Violet's room (as opposed to the globs of bright blue wall adhesive from where a picture fell down that we haven't gotten around to putting back up). You can purchase the file to print out and fold yourself, so you feel like you accomplished a little DIY project as well- without having to put in the work of actually being creative!

Phases of the Moon wall print (etsy)

Here's another item from the local etsy shop I mentioned yesterday with the fruits print. Love ettt.

Breaking Bad complete series box set (Amazon)

I included the box set on last year's fav list, but that was before the FINAL SEASON AIRED AHHHH IT WAS CRAZY THIS SHOW IS SO GREAT YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. And the DVD's themselves are housed in the same kind of barrel as the ones in which you like to store your millions of dollars of drug money and/or dissolve dead bodies in chemicals! Or maybe that's just a Walter White thing.

Comic book print leggings (ebay)

Crazy leggings 4eva.

Brass arrow bracelet (etsy)

Yet another independent etsy artist worthy of your support!

Paramore baby onesie (Society6) & Swaddle blankets (Aden + Anais)

I had to include a couple things for Violet's baby sister! (Side note: Isn't it funny that baby #1's generally get FLOODED with gifts and baby #2's get absolutely nothin? That is not a solicitation for gifts btw, just an observation.) Anyway, due to the kicking I felt during the Paramore concert last month, I am assuming she either is a huge fan or was in total agony. I choose to believe the former, and therefore chose this awesomely designed onesie for her to express her fandom. And these swaddle blankets are perfection. Violet still loves hers, so I need to stock up on some more for #2 (Also, Zooey may have consumed large enough chunks out of the ones we currently have, and I kinda wouldn't want baby to get her head stuck in the holes while sleeping...)

And finally... for the final big ticket prize...


I have wanted to travel here for the longest time. It's so so beautiful, isn't it? The waterfalls, the glaciers, the hot springs, the northern lights, etc etc etc. It's just so otherworldly. I am quite sure I will never ever go here, but I can dream!

Annnnd that concludes Karen's Favorite Things 2013!


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