Just in case anyone forgot, this is what's goin on in my body these days... Not much room for the ol' stomach, lungs, etc etc. This pic is actually from the 28 week point in a pregnancy, and I just hit the big 3-0 (out of 40, if things go normalishly). Violet is at her grandparents for a few days while Mike and I get a break, and we've been having a grand time doing some cleaning and organizing so baby actually has a place to sleep and keep her clothes and such. We have been procrastinating getting things ready until now, so I just feel realllly unprepared here. Last time around I could basically spend all my free time preparing for lil Violet, and now I spend my free time keeping a three year old alive... so trying to remember where we stashed away all the old baby stuff in addition to getting our little place reorganized has been put on the back burner. All that to say, I've got a cramped tummy and we are scrambling and I am still working of course and still parenting of course so life is overwhelming. The end.

Cute Violet pix tomorrow!


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