What? Zooey gets top billing in a blog post that also features Violet photos? What is this- 2009, before Violet slowly took over my blog like some sort of adorable small pox epidemic?

Thanks Gommy for the cute coat! Thanks Mike and me for the cute genes! [Thanks me specifically for the hereditary gappy teeth!]

More stores need rooms like this for pregnant women and toddlers needing distraction. I mean, yeah, we watched the same scene of Toy Story 3 loop like three times, but at least we were comfortable while Mike talked nerd details about computers with the Best Buy employee.

Self-described princess wearing her blankie crown.

We took V to Chuck E. Cheese (she calls him "Chunky Cheese"- perhaps her first case of bullying?)- and she seems to mostly really like it. After awhile, it just got tedious and weird though... Mike described it best as a "kid casino", where they get this glazed over look as they move from machine to machine, consuming the "fun" in order to get tickets that you can trade in for random crap. YOU GUYS I'M SO DEEP.

Actually though, Violet is too young for most of those types of games- she mostly liked to just ride on stuff.


Who drew Mommy more accurately? (Violet's is kinda hard to see, but it's sideways to the left of mine)

Annnnd I just took it from cutesville to creepsville in like 2 seconds. This was at Fantasy Attic. I am realizing as I just typed that that if you don't know what that place is, you can make all kinds of bizarre assumptions, which I'm sure are more interesting than it just being a plain ol' costume shop with a plain ol' wall o' creepy dead-eyed animal heads.

The answer to your question is, yes I DO have a photo that segues well from a creepy animal head wall back to cute Violet.

Violet and I experience life as a minority at library story time on the north side of town 30 minutes a week.

pretty sky/leaves/clock/etc.

I went to Joann Fabrics and bought all the fabrics.

Nothin but x's and o's for this one

I just love her.



Alison Lewis November 9, 2013 at 3:05 PM  

So funny - your comment about the library!! We go every week too, but we go at 6pm now, because Noah's preschool is Tues/Th. It's even more lopsided at the evening session. It's fun though still, except no toys at the end!! Boo. There's english conversation class starting in the room at 7pm - not a joke.

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