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Okay, this is the LAST Halloween post, and then I am so done. But how could I not cover our famous annual Hulseween party? Let me start with some photos of my preparation. I decided to be a phoenix, so I had to figure out some way to look like a bird on fire. Dollar store to the rescue! They actually had some decent supplies. I also walked into Value World and immediately spotted this red tunic-y dress that worked too.

I have no idea how to paint feathers, so I just winged it. HAHA GET ITTT??

And luckily they already stocked the Christmas decorations, because tinsel made for okay flames.

One side!

The other side!

And then I slapped some feathers on and tried to make myself look wispy feathery with a beak. I know... I'M SO INTENSE in this photo.

Ta da! (Please ignore the pregnant stomach, as that was not part of the costume.) Not bad for super cheap. I even got to wear my glitter shoes too! And you know we had to bust out that ladybug costume one more time.

Meanwhile, Mike was an eagle in a hoodie. Of course. Some other highlights...

Ladybug, obv. And Starbucks cups! (Note the little lids on their heads.)

Unicorn (I'm still picking up feathers off the floor from that tail!) and a complicated hypothetical Star Wars character that Brad would have to explain to you and a dinosaur!

She-Ra and Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan and a lumberjack! (Not pictured: real axe. Seriously. It was in her purse. I mean, she lives in Detroit so I don't even know if it was part of the costume or just a usual must-have item.)


Among other funz, we played this hilariously dumb VHS board game- yes, there was a video tape that played in the background for the entirety of the game. I played it once before, and it's just so ridiculous and topical to the holiday that I wanted to bust it out again.

It's mostly narrated by "The Gatekeeper", who makes all kinds of ridiculous demands of the players. For instance, Andrew and I were "the chosen ones", so he beckoned us to come extremely close to the screen before he shouted insults in our faces. ("Get away from me, you MAGGOTS!")

In the end, no one won, which meant the Gatekeeper prevailed. What a jerk.

Til next year! Bye, Halloween... Hello, Thanksgiving! It won't be long before I have to make my longg shopping list. I'm cooking dinner for the families again this year!


demoreeann November 15, 2013 at 11:22 AM  

your costume was fantastic!! i loved that everyone got into it. this is my kind of halloween.. i just see the photos and don't have to dress up! ;)

Anne November 17, 2013 at 10:14 PM  

hey, is your one starbucks friend named Beth? she looks familiar.... (love the bird costume too, and Ciara's unicorn, what a fun idea!)

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